Crimson Warden - Resistance of the Southern Realms is an open world mobile role playing game with its huge and fantastic environment.


After an ancient curse has reawakened in the southern realms of The Crimson Kingdom, the king sends one of his elite warriors, who is the main character of the game, The Crimson Warden, to secure these lands until he arrives with his army, so the story begins.

Genre           : Open World Role Playing Game
Developers  : Ali Osman Hayal - Kemal Hayal
Platform      : Android (soon IOS)
Price            : Free with IAP
Publishing   : Indie-Self

Release       : 28.06.2017(Android)

- 10 upgradeable special skills
- 8 upgradeable character stats
- Endless leveling
- More than 20 different enemies
(Mermaid, Goblin, Orc, Dark Elf, Cursed Warrior, Enormous Ant, Treant, Giant Hornet, Skeleton, Ogre, Dark Ogre, Pitcher Plant, Ghost, Zombie, Golem, Harpy, Bear, Bandit, Vehimorse, Banshee, Spirit Guardian, Hellhound, Wolf)
- Fantastic story with 117 questline
- 6 side quest chains
- Minimap that allows tracking quests
- Interactable objects such as gold, crate, chest and mines
- Breakeble objects such as crate and barrel
- Original background soundtracks from Derek and Brandon Fiechter brothers
- Action moment soundtracks
- Pleasure without ads




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